Piet Terheyden

Piet Terheyden

Designer.& founder in Berlin

Hey, I’m Piet. I design and build things.

I'm the co-founder of Literal, the social platform for books and run Minimal Gallery, a curated source of website design inspiration.

This year my friend Maxime and I started Spinoff Studio. We are combining our experiences and efforts to form an independent team, launching our own ventures and occasionally partnering with companies on their journey.

Our first project is Waitless, the solution to quickly create a sign up page for anything and let people climb up lists through referrals. We are also tinkering with POOL, an iOS app that makes sense of your screenshots.

I love taking complex problems and products and simplifying them through design. Before focussing on my own ventures I ran Some Studio, my one-man agency supported by a network of selected freelancers. I had the pleasure of working with clients in many different fields and industries, from small startups over to companies like Porsche, H&M and Red Bull. Over the course of a decade I produced projects for over 100 brands.

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The first project co-founded under Spinoff Studio. Waitless lets you create a sign up page for anything with just a few clicks and let people climb up your list through referrals.

Spinoff Studio

My friend Maxime and I are combining our experiences and efforts to form an independent product studio.


I'm the co-founder & CEO of Literal, platform to discover, organise & discuss books online. Track what you're reading, follow friends and join clubs to collectively explore the ideas of the world's greatest authors. We raised funding from investors from Spotify, Vivino and Founders.as, received a Product Hunt award and grew to >100k users.


I co-founded a social travel platform to create a solution for more personal travel recommendations. We beta launched our app, threw an event for our first users and had partnerships with journalists and travel bloggers. We stopped work end of 2019.

Herbal Care & The Flying Dutchman

I helped start two brands focussing on organic, European-produced CBD oil, acting as an advisor and design director. Both brands have been discontinued in 2021.


Co-founded with a friend, we were offering a simple all-round service for VR-tours, from planning the shoot over post production to a hosted & customized online experience.


My first start up. I co-founded a digital health record system for doctors and patients, that we eventually ended in 2018.

Munchies Club

Together with two friends I ran a small streetwear brand, publishing a collection once a year 2016 - 2020 and selling online and in our partner store in Berlin.

Side Projects


With the new option to customize the homescreen of iPhones, I of course had to create my own icon set. This quickly evolved into a full-fledged solution that makes it easy to use the icons for other design projects.


A simple link list and newsletter to share my favorite articles, videos or random bits I found on the internet.


Since 2013 I’m running and curating the Minimal Gallery, an online gallery to showcase the best web design. What started as a way for me to save personal inspiration grew to a well-known web design gallery.

Work Experience

2010 — 2020
Some Studio

I've had the pleasure to work with clients in many different fields, from small to big. I designed everything from websites to apps, developed and prototyped concepts, coded landing pages or shops or did creative- and art direction for brands.



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Re-writing the story of books and the internet